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Jaycar Ripping off Freetronics Products

Jaycar Ripping off Freetronics Products

Just came across this video from Freetronics (

Freetronics is a small Australian Company (Basically a one man show), that spent many days designing an Arduino Kit, complete with the Arduino, Components, Manual, Custom box and Foam.

One of their retailers, Jaycar, was selling this kit of theirs. Then all of a sudden Jon Oxer from Freetronics finds out that they (Jaycar) have now made their own branded copy of the kit, and are selling that instead. And worst of all, everything is copied almost exactly, even down to the Box, Foam, and almost Word-for-Word in the manual.

So Jaycar obviously decided that they can make more profit by cutting out the small company that did all the development. Very nice Jaycar!

So, if you can, rather buy from instead of Jaycar. That way you can be sure that you are supporting a small business that is trying to make an income, instead of a Large Company just interested in Profits….


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